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HUGE List of 28 Harry Potter LEGO Mini Figures

Posted on 20 February 2015 in LEGO Harry Potter & the Wizarding World

Complete your Harry Potter LEGO collection with these awesome minifigures based on characters from the popular book and film series. Hogwarts Castle comes with 11 figures, but you'll need these to really complete your set!

1Harry Potter in a Blue Jacket Minifigure

Harry looks ready for battle in his blue jacket! He comes with a wand.

2Harry Potter Quidditch Player Minifigure

Harry's ready for a round of Quidditch! The minifigure wears a uniform with cape and comes with a broom instead of a wand.

3Ron Weasley Gryffindor Outfit Minifigure

Ron's wearing his Gryffindor colors and stylish red hair. This is one figure that's really missing from the Hogwarts set. Ron comes with a wand.

4Ron Weasley in a Red Sweater LEGO Figure

Can't get enough of Ron? Here he is again in LEGO form, now wearing a red plaid sweater vest.

5Draco Malfoy LEGO Minifigure

This LEGO figure of Draco Malfoy is wearing a Slytherin sweater. The figure head has two faces. Draco comes with a wand.

6Draco Malfoy Quidditch Uniform Figure

Draco changed his outfit for the Quidditch pitch! Here he wears a green Slytherin uniform with flying cape.

7Gregory Goyle LEGO Mini Figure

Another Slytherin resident in LEGO form -- here's Gregory Goyle in a house sweater. Gregory comes with a wand.

8Classmate Neville Longbottom LEGO Figure

Classmate Neville studies alongside the heroes from the Harry Potter series. Neville comes with a wand.

9Hagrid from Harry Potter LEGO Figure

Who doesn't love Hagrid? Harry's trusty friend is here in LEGO form, wearing his traditional cloaked outfit and fabulous mess of hair.

10Harry Potter's Elf Dobby LEGO Figure

This is a unique minifigure from the world of Harry Potter. Harry's Elf Dobby is here holding a sock.

11Ernest Prang LEGO Mini Figure

Ernest "Ern" Prang wears an open sweater vest and his familiar thick round goggles.

12Bus Conductor Stan Shunpike LEGO Figure

The reliable conductor of the Knight Bus wears his blue uniform including his blue cap.

13Peter 'Wormtail' Pettigrew LEGO Mini Figure

Here is Ron's pet rat Scabbers in human form. Wormtail has a grey suit and rodent-like teeth.

14Professor Remus Lupin LEGO Minifigure

A case of lycanthropy can't keep a good professor down. Prof. Lupin wears his signature tan suit and comes with a wand.

15Professor Pomona Sprout LEGO Minifigure

Here is the head of Hufflepuff House in LEGO form! The professor of Herbology comes with a wand.

16Professor Dolores Umbridge LEGO Figure

This Professor Umbridge figure wears a signature pink suit. The bureaucrat would be a fun addition to any Harry Potter LEGO collection!

17Madam Rolanda Hooch LEGO Minifigure

All of your other Harry Potter minifigures will be flying in no time under the instruction of Madam Hooch. Instructor Hooch comes with a broom.

18Sirius Black Jail Outfit LEGO Figure

Here he is, the prisoner of Azkaban himself! The figure wears a typical prisoner's uniform.

19Bellatrix Lestrange LEGO Minifigure

This Bellatrix Lestrange figure is wearing her signature black outfit and has her big black hairstyle. Bellatrix comes with a wand.

20Lucius Malfoy Death Eater Minifigure

This Malfoy LEGO figure wears a cape and has a two-sided face. Lucius comes with a wand.

21Narcissa Malfoy LEGO Mini Figure

This Narcissa LEGO figure has a two-sided head. The pure-blood witch comes with a wand.

22Uncle Vernon Dursley LEGO Mini Figure

Uncle Dursley (along with Petunia Evans) may be the bane of Harry's existance, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to be immortalized as a LEGO figure.

23Fenrir Greyback LEGO Mini Figure

A savage werewolf in LEGO form! This figure of Fenrir Greyback comes with a wand.

24Fred and George Weasley Minifigure

This single minifigure of twins Fred and George Weasley is ready for mayhem and mischief! Ron's brothers really like to get into it, don't they? Turn the figure's head around to reveal who is who. The figure comes with a wand.

25Ginny Weasley Gryffindor Sweater Figure

Ron's sister joins the Gryffindor house once she arrives at Hogwarts. This minifigure has red hair just like the rest of her family. Ginny comes with a wand.

26Ron's Father Arthur Weasley Minifigure

The jolly head of the Weasley household is here in LEGO minifigure form! Arthur wears a green jacket and comes with a wand.

27Ron's Mother Molly Weasley Minifigure

This Molly Weasley minifigure will bring you one step closer to having the complete Weasley family in minifigures! Molly wears an apron.

28Set of Three LEGO Harry Potter Owls

These three owls would go great in any Harry Potter set, including the mega Hogwarts Castle set. In this set you'll get Hedwig the Snowy Owl, the Weasley's Great Grey Owl Errol, and an Eagle Owl -- just like Malfoy's owl.

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