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Every Brick Is Awesome Lego Gifts

LEGO Creator Expert Carousel Building Kit

Posted on 2 September 2019 in LEGO Creator

This is a totally awesome LEGO building set from the Creator series. It's another fun theme park or fairground attraction -- a moving carousel or merry-go-round. The expert level kit includes 2670 pieces to create a fun and authentic attraction.

This fun LEGO merry-go-round is a fully functional crank-run toy attraction that comes with bricks to build an amazing ride that's full of details. You'll make different ride seat animals, shaped like a swan, a tiger, an elephant, a flamingo, and a frog. Some of the animals even move along with the movement of the ride!

This set comes with seven minifigures: the ride operator and a family of six members. The operator has a booth and the minifigure family members all have fun fair accessories like tickets, a camera, and ice cream.

This fun build can be upgraded with LEGO's integrated power function to add battery-powered movement (otherwise the ride can be operated with a manual crank).

LEGO Magnets for Display

Posted on 9 July 2018 in LEGO Collectibles
This is a set of 12 LEGO bricks with magnets on the back. These are idea for displaying things like minifigures or other small builds. You can stick them on a magnetic board, your fridge, or... More

Awesome Women of NASA LEGO Ideas Set

Posted on 13 November 2017 in LEGO Ideas
Learn about four of NASA's great women pioneer scientists and astronauts with this awesome LEGO build. You'll get a 231-piece set that includes four minifigures all set up for play or display. ... More