LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Station 10903 Building Blocks (76 Pieces) – Build a fire station toy set and fire rescue truck with flashing lights and a siren from big building blocks!; This fire station playset includes 2... View on Amazon
LEGO DUPLO Town Submarine Adventure 10910 Building Kit (24 Pieces) – Build the Submarine Adventure playset for open-ended imaginative play that takes you and your toddler on a learning journey under the sea!; This bath toy for... View on Amazon
LEGO DUPLO My First Bricks 10848 Colorful Toys Building Kit for Toddler Play and Pretend Play (80 Pieces) – These building bricks let toddlers build endless creative toys to help little imaginations flourish. This building kit is the perfect toddler toy for hours of build... View on Amazon
PLAYMOBIL Pirate Hideout Play Box – Cast off for swashbuckling adventures with the Pirate Hideout Play Box; Includes two figures, functioning cannon with projectiles, parrot, treasure chest, map, compass, lanterns, swords, and... View on Amazon
BeebeeRun Pirate Action Figures Playset,Educational Toys Bucket of Pirate Toy with Boat,Treasure Chest,Cannons,Octopus,Pirate Ship and Other Accessories,War Game Toys for Boys and Kids – PACKAGE BUCKET INCLUDES:Pirate,Vessl,Cannon,Octopus,Palm Trees,Barrels,Spring Mechanism,Treasure Chests,etc.8 pirate figurines in different postures holding weapons such as swords,guns and scopes.Each figure stand about 3" tall.Variety of modelling and... View on Amazon
KidKraft Pirates Cove Play Set – 2 cannons that light up and make sound with a push of a button; Includes 4 molded Pirates; Moving crane to move cargo. View on Amazon
LEGO DUPLO Jake Beach Racing 10539 Building Toy – Includes Captain Hook and Skelly LEGO DUPLO figures Accessories include 2 flags, a flower and a trophy Also features 2 sail wagons; Race Captain Hook and... View on Amazon
LEGO DUPLO Jakes Treasure Hunt 10512 – Features boat, hideout with door and hatch and a sword Also features Skully, Tiki and gold doubloon-decorated DUPLO bricks; Keep the gold doubloon safe from the... View on Amazon
LEGO DUPLO Jake 10604 Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure Building Kit – Includes bricks decorated as a gold doubloon and magic pixie dust that makes Jake and Izzy "fly", as story starters; Figures and accessories fire the imagination... View on Amazon
Playmobil Red Serpent Pirate Ship – Set sail for the high seas aboard the Red Serpent Pirate Ship; Outfitted with a serpent masthead and sails emblazoned with the jolly roger; Buccaneers can... View on Amazon
Pop Up Pirate – BEWARE OF IMPOSTERS! Only TOMY makes the authentic version of this fun family game that is truly a barrel of laughs. Includes barrel, pirate... View on Amazon
Fisher-Price Imaginext Shark Bite Pirate Ship – Hungry for adventure? Push Power Pad to activate “shark biting” action – and capture prisoners in the ship’s hull; Lift hatch to reveal captured prisoners; Turn... View on Amazon
LEGO 2015 Duplo Disney Jake 10604 and The Neverland Pirates: Treasure Island – LEGO DUPLO Jake 10604 Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure Building Kit. View on Amazon
PLAYMOBIL Pirate Raiders' Ship – Set sail for swashbuckling adventures with the Pirate Raiders' Ship; Features three main sails and can outrun pursuing soldier patrols; Figures can bend, sit, stand and... View on Amazon
LEGO DUPLO Jake Peter Pan's Visit Building Set 10526 – Includes Jake and Peter Pan LEGO DUPLO figures Features the hideout with window, bridge, waterfall and a boat Also includes Tick Tock Croc; Accessories include a... View on Amazon
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - Jack’s Pirate Ship Playset – Jack’s Pirate Ship Playset includes Captain Jack Sparrow and his ship, plus a ghostly shark to launch cannonballs towards!; Push the ship to activate the rolling... View on Amazon
PLAYMOBIL Pirate Raft – Float in search of ancient treasure aboard the Pirate Raft; Includes two pirate figures, raft, sword, functioning cannons with projectiles, and other accessories; Figures can bend,... View on Amazon
LEGO DUPLO My First Fun Puzzle 10885 Building Blocks (15 Pieces) – Build 5 bright and colorful 3D animal block puzzles for toddlers from chunky LEGO DUPLO bricks, then mix and match them to make crazy animals of... View on Amazon
LEGO DUPLO All-in-One-Box-of-Fun Building Kit 10572 Open Ended Toy for Imaginative Play with Large LEGO bricks made for toddlers and preschoolers (65 Pieces) – Let your toddler's imagination run wild with this colorful collection of LEGO DUPLO elements and building bricks in a handy storage case! Little kids from 18... View on Amazon
LEGO Minecraft The Pirate Ship Adventure 21152 Building Kit (386 Pieces) – Build a pirate ship toy with working flick-missile cannons, gold detailing, pirate banner, gangplank and rowboat, plus a host of Minecraft mobs—all in a LEGO Minecraft... View on Amazon
PLAYMOBIL Pirate Treasure Island – Uncover a secret buccaneer hideout at the Pirate Treasure Island; Includes three pirate figures, rowboat, rocky island with adjustable landscape, hidden cell, booby-traps, and tons of... View on Amazon
PLAYMOBIL Take Along Pirate Stronghold – Time to lay low at the take along pirate stronghold.; Secure in this secret haven, pirates can keep out of sight from soldiers and enjoy some... View on Amazon
PLAYMOBIL Pirate Treasure Hideout – Protect your booty at the Pirate Treasure Hideout; Includes two figures, treasure, jewels, treasure chest, scorpions, swords, torch, skull, and lots of other accessories; Figures can... View on Amazon
LEGO DUPLO Town Airport 10871 Building Blocks (29 Pieces) – Build this LEGO DUPLO airport playset with toy plane out of large building blocks!; This airport toy building set includes an airport building with luggage slide,... View on Amazon
PLAYMOBIL Pirate Ship Building Set – Set sail for the high seas with the PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Pirate ship; With a bright and colorful design and large, rounded pieces, this PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 set... View on Amazon
Playmobil Pirates Ship with RC Underwater Motor – Command the high seas on a quest for treasure with the Pirates Ship with RC Underwater Motor; With the remote-controlled underwater motor, kids can propel and... View on Amazon
PLAYMOBIL Pirate Raft Carry Case – Set sail for a swashbuckling adventure with the Pirate Raft Carry Case; Includes one pirate figure, log raft with functioning cannon, barrel, sword, monkey, and lots... View on Amazon
LEGO DUPLO Mickey’s Boat 10881 Building Blocks (28 Pieces) – Build a Disney boat parade with a Mickey Mouse steamboat, rowing boat and pier with this fun buildable toy boat for toddlers!; This easy-to-build construction set... View on Amazon
LEGO DUPLO Never Land Hideout 10513 – Features slide, flagpole and flag, rotating lookout tower, palm tree, assorted rounded and transparent DUPLO bricks, flowers and standard bricks; Accessories include a gold doubloon and... View on Amazon
LEGO DUPLO Jakes Pirate Ship Bucky 10514(Discontinued by manufacturer) – Features rigging, lookout tower, pirate-themed DUPLO bricks and cannon with shooter function Island features palm tree, treasure chest, shovel; Standard and decorated DUPLO bricks also included,... View on Amazon