LEGO-Style Face Masks

As more states and municipalities are enacting and enforcing mask laws, there is an increased demand for masks, including custom face coverings that express the personality and preferences of the wearer. The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. The masks or face coverings can be used along with social distancing to help stop or slow the spread of Covid-19. These face masks feature colorful building blocks in the style of LEGO and are perfect for fans of the LEGO system builds!

Colorful Brick Pattern Cloth Mask for LEGO Fans

Found on Zazzle

This reusable cloth face mask has elastic straps that go around the wearer's ears. The pattern is a repeating colorful pattern of mixed bricks in the LEGO style. This mask has a filter insert and can be worn with our without the filter.

Whimsical LEGO-Style Bricks Reusable Face Mask

Found on Zazzle

This washable, reusable cloth mask has a fun pattern for LEGO fans. Bricks in different colors and shapes dance against a black background. This mask includes a slot for an additional filter but can be worn without or with filter. If you prefer a different color background you can pick from white, blue, or other background shades.

Pile of LEGO-Like Bricks Red LEGO Fan Mask

Found on Zazzle

This is a great cloth reusable face mask for LEGO fans. The pattern is an image of a jumble of bricks of all types, shapes, and sizes. Wear this washable mask over and over; use with or without separately purchased insert filter.

Geometric Pattern LEGO-Style Cloth Face Mask

Found on Zazzle

Get this face mask with a repeating colorful pattern of LEGO-like bricks. This reusable cloth face mask can be purchased with different size earloop straps to accomodate a variety of face and head sizes for maximum comfort. Get this mask with the black piping or choose from a variety of different colors to personalize the mask to your own style.

Fun Customizable LEGO Compatible Cap

This fun baseball-style cap has panels of LEGO-compatible bases on the bill and across the front. LEGO builders can use the panels to totally customize the hat with bricks, mini-figures, and other LEGO pieces.

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LEGO Storage Bricks Keep Collection Together

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