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Awesome LEGO Aqua Raiders Shipwreck Build

Posted on 20 August 2018 in LEGO Aqua Raiders

This vintage set in the Aqua Raiders series was first released in 2007. The collectible LEGO build was issued as a limited edition. It has 241 pieces to put together an awesome scene of a submarine discovering remains of a shipwreck.

This is a LEGO build to put together some awesome pieces for a neat underwater action scene. You'll build a miniature sumbarine and the ruined remains of an old shipwreck. The wreck includes a treasure chest, jewels, and a King Skeleton crowned minifigure. The set comes with two Aqua Raider minifigures as well. One can pilot the submarine and there is scuba equipment for the partner.

This fun build comes with sealife accessories including sea snakes and a crab.