Three Funny LEGO Minifigures-in-Suits Keychains

Carry the fun of LEGO with you everywhere with one of these funny LEGO character minifigure keychains! These will bring a smile to your face each time you reach for your keychain. Spread joy to others when you show them your silly LEGO keychain featuring a figure dressed in a funny costume! Note that these minifigure keychain characters are larger than typical LEGO minifigures.

Shark Suit Guy LEGO Minifigure Keychain

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This funny keychain features a typical LEGO minifigure character -- but this guy is dressed up in a shark suit! This is great for fans of Shark Week and lovers of sharks!

LEGO Banana Suit Minifigure Keychain

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This funny keychain features a LEGO minifigure wearing a banana suit! This hilarious keychain is perfect for LEGO lovers with a sense of humor! This keychain features a small LED light at one of the minifigure's feet.

LEGO Hot Dog Suit Man Minifigure Keychain

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A LEGO minifigure wears a funny hot dog suit! This fun keychain for LEGO fans and hot dog lovers features a small LED light at one of the figure's feet.

Fun Stand-Alone LEGO Minifigures: Best of Series 13

LEGO releases minifigures from time to time that aren't associated with a building kit. These can become sought-after collectibles depending on the demand and production run. Here are some fun limited minifigures from LEGO that came out in 2015 as part of Minifigure Series 13.

Five LEGO Sticker Books

Love LEGOs and stickers? These books are made for fans of both of these fun hobbies! These sticker books tell a story or share facts using LEGO stickers. Encourage reading, logical thinking, and a love for those fun and educational building bricks with these great LEGO sticker books! Here are five of our favorites.

Awesome Women of NASA LEGO Ideas Set

Learn about four of NASA's great women pioneer scientists and astronauts with this awesome LEGO build. You'll get a 231-piece set that includes four minifigures all set up for play or display.

Kit: LEGO Make Your Own Stop-Motion Movie

Making your own stop-motion animated video with LEGO characters is easy when you get this awesome book from popular publisher Klutz. This is an 78-page book that includes instructions, ideas, backgrounds, and -- best of all -- minifigures and accessories! This set that includes elements to make at...