LEGO Keychains

LEGO fans can carry minifigures with them wherever they go with these fun officially licensed LEGO keychains! The minifigures come stuck together and with an attached chain and keyring for ease of use. Pick your favorite LEGO character to add to your keys. Superheroes, holiday characters, and famous science fiction figures are just some of the LEGO minifigure keychains from which you can choose. LEGO key-chains also make great zipper pulls and backpack dangles.

LEGO Keychain Flashlight Accessories

This awesome LEGO flashlights are small minifigure fitted with a small penlight. These are fun and handy accessories to have on hand. With a little light on your keychain you'll never be in the dark! And when you've got a LEGO minifigure on your keychain, you'll always be ready for some LEGO fun.

4 Cute & Fun LEGO Animal Keychains

Looking for a unique gift idea for your friend that loves LEGO and animals? This is a fun list of officially licensed LEGO animal minifigure keychains. Pick your favorite animal and carry it with you -- in cute blocky LEGO form! These keychains can also be used as bag charms or zipper pulls.

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LEGO 50th Anniversary Gold Brick Key Chain – 2x4 Stud Gold Key Chain. View on Amazon
Fun Express Plastic Brick Key Chains – Assorted colors; Plastic; Measure 1 1/4" x 1". View on Amazon