Carry the fun of LEGO with you everywhere with one of these funny LEGO character minifigure keychains! These will bring a smile to your face each time you reach for your keychain. Spread joy to others when you show them your silly LEGO keychain featuring a figure dressed in a funny costume! Note that these minifigure keychain characters are larger than typical LEGO minifigures.

Shark Suit Guy LEGO Minifigure Keychain

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This funny keychain features a typical LEGO minifigure character -- but this guy is dressed up in a shark suit! This is great for fans of Shark Week and lovers of sharks!

LEGO Banana Suit Minifigure Keychain

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This funny keychain features a LEGO minifigure wearing a banana suit! This hilarious keychain is perfect for LEGO lovers with a sense of humor! This keychain features a small LED light at one of the minifigure's feet.

LEGO Hot Dog Suit Man Minifigure Keychain

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A LEGO minifigure wears a funny hot dog suit! This fun keychain for LEGO fans and hot dog lovers features a small LED light at one of the figure's feet.

During this festive season, we want to send a special message to all LEGO fans around the world! 

Just like how every LEGO brick holds the potential to create something incredible, we hope your Christmas be filled with endless possibilities and boundless creativity.

And may your holiday season be as colorful as a box of LEGO bricks!

Brick-tastic Holiday Delight

In a LEGO world so full of cheer
Bricks and laughter this time of year

We wish you joy and endless fun
Stacking bricks 'til the day is done!

With Santa hats on minifigs' heads
We build and laugh, no time for bed

The holiday spirit, we'll unfold
In LEGO stories yet untold

In this plastic wonderland so bright
May your holidays be outta sight!

Merry Christmas to each LEGO fan
In this imaginative wonderland 

Third-party vendors offer fun accessories based on LEGO building blocks. Did you know that you can purchase customized lighting sets to make your LEGO builds special? Below are some examples. Note that these make fun and affordable gifts for LEGO aficionados who love those big, expensive builds! Lighting sets are a really great way to make display pieces stand out.

1 Lighting Set for Creator Volkswagen T1 Camper

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Add lights to your LEGO Volkswagen Campervan with this kit from LIGHTAILING. You'll be able to light up the headlights and running lights in front, taillights and license plate in the back, plus interior lighting inside the van.

2 LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Friends Central Perk

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This LED set from BRIKSMAX is designed to bring light to your Friends Central Perk LEGO kit. The LEGO lighting fixtures will glow when you install this kit.

3 LED Lights for LEGO Ship in a Bottle Build

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Make your LEGO Ship in a Bottle display even more exciting and interesting when you add this lighting set from Lightailing. Use tweezers and care to install the lights on your Ship in a Bottle build!

4 LED Lighting Kit for Ideas TRON Legacy LEGO Build

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Light up your Tron Lightcycles with this great set! Make your build pop in the dark with this affordable add-on lighting set.

5 LEGO Old Fishing Store Lighting Accessory Kit

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Add lights to this cool LEGO building for added realism and fun. The LEGO Old Fishing Store comes alive in the dark with LED exterior lights to guide the fisherfolk home after a long day on the water. This set will also provide interior lighting for your LEGO kit.

6 Lighted Christmas LEGO Display: Workshop Lights

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Add LEGO to your holiday display when you get this light set for your LEGO Santa's Workshop. The cute set sparkles when you add colorful holiday lights. You'll get lights for the workshop and for Santa's sleigh and reindeer too!

7 LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Steamboat Willie

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Add even more whimsy to the awesome retro monochrome Disney LEGO build Steamboat Willie! This set will add white lights to the ship and minifigure display stand (in Mickey's ears). 

8 LEGO Stranger Things LED Lighting Accessory Kit

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The hit Stranger Things LEGO set inspired by the Upside Down gets really cool (and a bit spooky) when you add lighting! Interior rooms at both levels are lit up (natural above, eerie blue in the upside-down) as well as exterior lights, the sheriff's vehicle, and even the trees outside.

9 Lighted LEGO Compatible Clear Bricks

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Add light to your unique creations or light up existing LEGO builds with these compatible transparent bricks. These bricks, sold in a 8-piece pack, each have an on-board battery so they are self-sustaining and do not have to be wired or plugged in. The batteries can be replaced so these are long-lasting lighted bricks.