LEGO Art Building Kits

New for 2020, LEGO is offering these awesome building kits featuring famous artworks and celebrities. Once complete, you'll have a big piece of artwork to place on your wall. Each massive kit comes with 9 plates that you complete separately; combine the finished plates to make one large 15.5" square artwork. While you put the art project together, listen to the accompanying soundtrack to learn about the piece and its history. The sets also include instructions for different artworks, so you can make changes, or purchase the same set multiple times for a different mindful art creation experience.

LEGO Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe Pop Art

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This is a 3,341 piece build to make Andy Warhol's iconic pop art image of Marilyn Monroe's face in stylized colors. You'll get instructions to make the main image featured here and three others of different color arrangements.

LEGO Art Marvel Iron Man Portrait Build

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This is a 3,167 piece LEGO build to put together an Iron Man portrait. You'll get instructions to make the main image featured here (MARK LXXXV) and two others of Iron Man in different iterations (MARK III and HulkBuster). 

Awesome Beatles LEGO Art Building Kit

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This 2,933 piece set is perfect for Beatles fans. Make portraits of all four lads with the same kit. Paul is featured here but you'll also get instructions to put together portraits of John, George, and Ringo. This kit especially screams out to be purchased four times in order to have the complete set on display together. The Beatles are shown in their later years, maybe around Let It Be.

LEGO Art Star Wars: The Sith Portraits

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You can make portraits of Dark Side characters Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Kylo Ren with this awesome 3,406 piece LEGO Art set. If you purchase three of this set, you can make one tall rectangular image of Darth Vader holding his red lightsaber.

LEGO Creator Collectible Building Block Board Game

2020 LEGO Advent Calendars

In this highly unusual year, LEGO has released two titles in their popular line of advent calendars. The calendars are a fun way to count down from December 1st to Christmas Day with a small LEGO prize revealed on a daily basis.

2020 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

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Celebrate the lead-up to Christmas with the famous space saga. This LEGO advent calendar is the perfect gift idea for Star Wars fans of all ages. The set includes 311 total pieces and includes exclusive minifigures, holiday themed builds, and little Star Wars vehicles.

2020 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar

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Count down to Christmas with LEGO Friends! You'll find Friends-style minifigures, Christmas-themed accessories and other fun special pieces as you open each day's little gift. This set comes with 236 total LEGO pieces.

LEGO Ludo Buildable Family Board Game

Fun Chopper LEGO Drone Explorer Set

LEGO-Style Dunder Mifflin Office Build

Collectible Great Wall of China LEGO Building Set

LEGO Halloween Ghost BrickHeadz Build

Awesome LEGO Hidden Side Augmented Reality Sets

One of LEGO's newest themes is the Hidden Side series of builds, first introduced in 2019. These awesome LEGO building sets include augmented reality aspects of play with spooky ghosts and other hidden unique digital add-ons. Have fun with these uniquely creative spooky kits that are especially great to play with around Halloween, the spookiest holiday. These sets are all very highly rated for their unique Augmented Reality integration and creative builds.

LEGO Welcome to the Hidden Side Building Kit

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This 189-piece set from the LEGO Hidden Side series is a build for a haunted tree. View the tree through a smart phone or tablet using the free Hidden Side Augmented Reality app to view ghosts, discover secret items, and solve mysteries. The set includes four minifigures: Jack the ghost hunter, plus characters Axel Chops, Scrimper, and Waylon.

LEGO Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery Build

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Graveyard Mystery is a 335-piece LEGO build best enjoyed by builders aged 7 and older. The set comes with an Augmented Reality app for your smart device. Build the spooky graveyard and then use the app to discover ghosts and solve mysteries. This set comes with four minifigures: Jack Davids and Parker L. Jackson (heroes in the story); a skeleton; and Mr. Branson. 

LEGO Ghost Lab Building Set from the Hidden Side series

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This fun building set from the Hidden Side series includes 174 LEGO bricks to build an interesting laboratory. The Ghost Lab build includes 3 minifigures and comes with an Augmented Reality app for your smartphone or tablet to add even more spooky fun. Use the app to find ghosts and other hidden treats only visible through the digital lens.

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