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Stranger Things Upside Down LEGO Build

This is a fun collectible LEGO set that's perfect for fans of the popular Stranger Things series, just returned for its third season. This is a big set with 2287 pieces to build your own scene from the series featuring Byers's house in our reality and in the Upside Down.

Rare LEGO Outback Crisis News Crew Building Set

This is a rare and collectible LEGO set from 1997. The Outback Crisis News Crew set contains 133 bricks to make a news helicopter, news van, and more.

Build Your Own LEGO Calendars

While LEGO advent calendars are full of holiday fun, you can extend the LEGO joy for the entire year with a LEGO-built desk or wall-style month calendar. Check out these fun and functional calendar builds from LEGO.

10 Spooky Halloween LEGO Sets for Awesome Halloween Fun!

If you're looking for some fun Halloween activities that don't involve asking strangers for sugary treats, what could be more fun than a themed LEGO set? Spooky LEGO Halloween sets would be great interactive party activities for any age group or crowd!

McDonald's 2008 Lego The Joker Helicopter Happy Meal Toy #2 – LEGO Batman Happy Meal Kid's Toy from McDonald's; The Joker helicopter toy is #2 in this 2008 series; For Ages 3 & Up. View on Amazon
LEGO Unikitty Unikitty Bundle_2018 Building Kit, Multicolor (227 Pieces) – Bundle includes buildable unikitty, feebee, square bear, Prince puppycorn, Dino Dude and kick flip figures; Build a unikitty Cloud car with sparkle matter stud shooters, a... View on Amazon
LEGO NINJAGO Empire Dragon 71713 Ninja Toy Building Kit, New 2020 (286 Pieces) – This set has a fearsome LEGO NINJAGO dragon and 3 minifigures for recreating thrilling action from the NINJAGO TV series!; The building set comes with a... View on Amazon
LEGO The Lone Ranger Colby City Showdown (79109) – Includes 5 minifigures with weapons and accessories: the Lone Ranger, Tonto, Texas Ranger Dan Reid and the 2 bandits, Ray and Frank; Includes the sheriff’s office,... View on Amazon
LEGO Prince of Persia Quest Against Time (7572) – Set includes 4 minifigures: Dastan, Princess Tamina, Nizam and Hassansin leader with two snakes; Gauntlet functions: Spinning saw blade, swords swinging in, tree trunk with... View on Amazon
LEGO Atlantis Mini Figure Set #30040 Octopus Bagged – LEGO Atlantis Mini Figure Set #30040 Octopus Bagged. View on Amazon
LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope 75244 Tantive IV Building Kit (1768 Pieces) – Build, play and display a detailed LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV, the legendary starship from Star Wars: A New Hope, featuring an accessible interior, massive engines... View on Amazon
LEGO DC Batman: Batman vs The Riddler Robbery 76137 Building Kit (59 Pieces) – Quickly get preschoolers and youngsters building and playing out fun Batman adventures with a Batmobile featuring a special Starter Brick chassis, and a buildable ATM machine!;... View on Amazon
LEGO Castle The Gatehouse Raid – Includes 4 minifigures with weapons and accessories: 2 King's Knights, a Dragon Knight and a Dragon soldier; Features a gatehouse, large catapult and the Dragon Knight's... View on Amazon
LEGO Elves Naida & The Water Turtle Ambush 41191 Building Kit (205 Pieces) – Build a magical water turtle with space for a mini-doll, 'floating' island with disc shooter and space for a fish, plus a boat with evil chain... View on Amazon
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall 75954 – Hogwarts Great Hall with house banners, tower with movable spiral staircase, potions room and treasure room!; 4-level tower features movable Grand Staircase, potions and treasure rooms... View on Amazon
LEGO Education MINDSTORMS EV3 Space Exploration Set 45570 – Blast off and take your LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 creations to Mars with the Space Challenge Set.; Designed as an add on to your existing LEGO... View on Amazon
LEGO Creator Expert 10243 Parisian Restaurant (2469 Pieces) – Build this busy restaurant, apartment and artist’s studio!; Serve the guests in the Parisian Restaurant with detailed exterior, dining room, tiled kitchen, apartment, studio, scooter and... View on Amazon
LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Poison Ivy Minifigure – Genuine LEGO Product. View on Amazon
1999 Mcdonalds Happy Meal #2 Lego #2069 Sundae the Dog Water Vehicle – 1999 Mcdonalds Happy Meal #2 Lego #2069 Sundae the Dog Water Vehicle. View on Amazon
LEGO Minecraft The Ocean Monument 21136 Building Kit (1122 Piece) – Features a Minecraft ocean monument with a water sponge access function and opening treasure chamber, plus a cave with a furnace; Includes 2 minifigures: Steve and... View on Amazon
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Clock Tower 75948 Build and Play Tower Set with Harry Potter Minifigures, Popular Harry Potter Gift and Playset with Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and more (922 Pieces) – Build the 3-level LEGO Hogwarts Castle Clock Tower with iconic locations from the Harry Potter movies, including the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, Dumbledore’s Office... View on Amazon
LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang 10265 Building Kit (1471 Pieces) – Build and customize your very own 1960s Ford Mustang GT, featuring dark-blue bodywork with white racing stripes, 5-spoke rims with rugged tires, detailed interior, V8 engine... View on Amazon
LEGO Star Wars X Wing Starfighter Trench Run 75235 4+ Building Kit (132 Pieces) – Build an iconic LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter starship with special Starter Brick base to quickly get your child building and playing in a galaxy of... View on Amazon
LEGO Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle 9468 (Discontinued by manufacturer) – Features the Vampyre's Castle with the moonstone device, shooting spiders, hidden spikes, trapdoor, stairs, secret entrances, coffin, organ and dungeon; Hero car includes a net launcher;... View on Amazon
LEGO Indiana Jones Chauchilla Cemetery Battle (7196) – Loads of accessories including The Crystal Skull, weapons, goblets, Indy's whip, scorpion, motorbike and more; Model separates into 2 parts, Mayan door opens with key, and... View on Amazon
LEGO Juniors/4+ Road Repair Truck 10750 Building Kit (73 Piece) – Build a sturdy road repair truck toy with open back for tools and road block toy, a detachable trailer with ramp and cement mixer; Includes a... View on Amazon
Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Baxter Stockman Minifigure – lego. View on Amazon
Lego Knights Kingdom Set #10176 Royal Castle – Lego Knights Kingdom Set #10176 Royal Castle. View on Amazon
Simple And Motorized Mechanisms Base Set by LEGO – Simple And Motorized Mechanisms Base Set. View on Amazon
LEGO NINJAGO Spinjitzu Lloyd vs Garmadon 70664 Building Kit (208 Pieces) – Build Lloyd’s Spinjitzu Tornado of Energy spinner and Lord Garmadon’s Spinjitzu Tornado of Destruction spinner, each with 3 different attachments for attack, defense and speed modes,... View on Amazon
LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mikey's Mini Shellraiser Tmnt Set 30271 (Bagged) – LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 30271 Mikey's Mini-Shellraiser Building Toy Set in polybag. 41 pieces.; Includes Mini-Shellraiser vehicle and Michelangelo Mini Figure with "remote control" accessory.;... View on Amazon
LEGO Friends Mia’s House 41369 Building Kit with Mini Doll Friends Figures and Toy Horse (715 Pieces) – Your child can role play family life as they build Mia’s beautiful forest mini-doll house and help her care for her pet horse and rabbit!; This... View on Amazon
LEGO Atlantis Typhoon Turbo Sub (8060) – Set includes 2 minifigures: 1 heroic diver and 1 Shark Warrior; Flip over the rotating sub propellers to switch from movement to attack/treasure-grabbing mode; Sub... View on Amazon
LEGO Space Vermin Vaporizer 70704 – Includes 3 minifigures: Chuck Stonebreaker, robot sidekick and alien buggoid, all with weapons.; Features laboratory, computer, flick missiles, split function and big cannons.; Weapons include alien... View on Amazon
LEGO 2018 Bricktober Jurassic World Minifigure Set 2/4 – Contains 18 LEGO Pieces.. View on Amazon
LEGO Toy Story Army Men on Patrol (7595) – Includes four minifigures: One carrying a gun, one doctor with a medical case, one with a metal detector, and one with a walky-talky and back... View on Amazon
LEGO Simpsons 71006 The Simpsons House – The perfect set for fans of LEGO brick building and The Simpsons!; Includes 6 minifigures: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Ned Flanders; Remove the roof... View on Amazon
LEGO Jurassic World Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage 75936 Building Kit, New 2020 (3120 Pieces) – Build the original Jurassic Park’s iconic gate with opening function, surrounding walls featuring iconic Jurassic Park scenes, and a fearsome T. rex!; Includes 6 minifigures: John... View on Amazon