LEGO Art Building Kits

New for 2020, LEGO is offering these awesome building kits featuring famous artworks and celebrities. Once complete, you'll have a big piece of artwork to place on your wall. Each massive kit comes with 9 plates that you complete separately; combine the finished plates to make one large 15.5" square artwork. While you put the art project together, listen to the accompanying soundtrack to learn about the piece and its history. The sets also include instructions for different artworks, so you can make changes, or purchase the same set multiple times for a different mindful art creation experience.

LEGO Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe Pop Art

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This is a 3,341 piece build to make Andy Warhol's iconic pop art image of Marilyn Monroe's face in stylized colors. You'll get instructions to make the main image featured here and three others of different color arrangements.

LEGO Art Marvel Iron Man Portrait Build

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This is a 3,167 piece LEGO build to put together an Iron Man portrait. You'll get instructions to make the main image featured here (MARK LXXXV) and two others of Iron Man in different iterations (MARK III and HulkBuster). 

Awesome Beatles LEGO Art Building Kit

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This 2,933 piece set is perfect for Beatles fans. Make portraits of all four lads with the same kit. Paul is featured here but you'll also get instructions to put together portraits of John, George, and Ringo. This kit especially screams out to be purchased four times in order to have the complete set on display together. The Beatles are shown in their later years, maybe around Let It Be.

LEGO Art Star Wars: The Sith Portraits

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You can make portraits of Dark Side characters Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Kylo Ren with this awesome 3,406 piece LEGO Art set. If you purchase three of this set, you can make one tall rectangular image of Darth Vader holding his red lightsaber.

Fun LEGO Postcard Builds: Compact Travel Scenes for Display

These fun new LEGO builds are scenic designs inspired by postcards. Build these great sets for a fun travel-inspired display! Remember your travel adventures or build your travel dreams with these fun LEGO postcards.

Easy Build for Young Kids: LEGO Farm Set: Disney Characters

This is a 118-piece LEGO farm set with favorite Disney characters. This is a traditional LEGO set but includes instructions for small children, making it an ideal first LEGO set or an easy build for kids who are used to working with the larger and easier pieces of...

Limited Offer: Buy $50 in LEGO, Save $10

Amazon has a limited-time promotion (good as of this posting) to save $10 when you spend $50 on qualifying LEGO sets. There are over 50 sets in the selection, including City builds, Marvel and Minecraft sets, Star Wars, Friends, DUPLO, and more. Here are some sets included in the deal.

Floral LEGO Sets for Mother's Day Play & Display

Picking up a fun floral themed LEGO set for Mother's Day can be a fun gift idea. Whether you choose to build the set together with mom, put it together ahead of time to give as a display piece, or some combination of the two, these sets can...