Floral LEGO Sets for Mother's Day Play & Display

Picking up a fun floral themed LEGO set for Mother's Day can be a fun gift idea. Whether you choose to build the set together with mom, put it together ahead of time to give as a display piece, or some combination of the two, these sets can be a lot of fun! Each set is perfect for adult kids to work on together with mom, or independently, and when complete, they all make fine display pieces for the day honoring mom, and beyond!

Mother's Day will be celebrated in the United States and many other countries on Sunday, May 14, 2023.

LEGO Succulents Colorful Plant Build

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This is a 771-piece LEGO build to make a pleasing display of succulent plants. This fun botanical build is for nine different plants inspired by real succulents, and can be displayed as one piece as shown, or as nine different display pieces. Note that this is an advanced build recommended for LEGO fans 18 and older, so it makes a fun set for adult kids to get for mom!

LEGO Dried Flowers Centerpiece Build

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This pretty 812-piece LEGO build becomes a beautiful centerpiece of brick-built dried flowers in pleasing muted fall colors. This build is best for LEGO fans aged 18 and older, so it's a great choice for adult children to get for mom, or build with mom! When complete, this is a great display piece for the dining table for your Mother's Day feast.

LEGO Bonsai Tree 10281 Building Set for Adults, Plants Home Décor, DIY Projects, Creative Activity Birthday Gift for him or her, Botanical Collection

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Enjoy the beauty and peace of displaying a bonsai tree in your home, without the stress of pruning, watering, and other care! This is a super fun and versatile display LEGO set that has 878 bricks to make a leafy green bonsai or a bonsai with pretty pink blossoms! Adjust the bricks to the seasons, and make fun changes to this pleasing display piece!

LEGO Brick Botanicals Floral Puzzle

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And now, for something completely different, here is a traditional puzzle inspired by LEGO floral creations! This is a typical, flat puzzle with a fun 3D-look image of a set of LEGO flowers! You can see the contours, shadows, and shapes of the LEGO bricks in the colorful image. The completed puzzle will be about 11" by 9" and is created using 1000 pieces -- a great challenge for LEGO fans who love puzzling as well!

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