LEGO Happy Meal Toys

Find special giveaway promo LEGO sets only available inside McDonald's Happy Meals! These limited run sets were only available for a specific amount of time as free giveaways when purchasing a McDonald's kids meal. Complete an unfinished set or collect any you missed!
Beauy Girl Diamond Block Building McDonalds Building Stacked Toys Blocks Parent-Child Games Children's Educational Toys – Material: Non-Toxic Plastic, Block type: Diamond blocks.; A 3D work of art that fits in the palm of your hand, create details with assorted sizes and... View on Amazon
Bionicle Barraki #6 Lego Takadox Mcdonald's Happy Meal 2007 Sealed in Bag – New in Original Sealed Bag; 2007 Lego Bionicles Happy Meal Toy; Stands 4" tall.. View on Amazon
McDonalds Happy Meal 2009 Lego Racers - Sport Racer #8 – McDonalds Happy Meal Toy #8 - Sport Racer.. View on Amazon
LEGO McDonalds Happy Meal Sports #8 – FOR AGE 4+; 5 PCS.. View on Amazon
LEGO 1999 McDonald's Happy Meal Toy Classic (2032) Ronald McDonald's Helicop... – 1999 McDonald's Happy Meal Toy- Lego Classic (2032) Ronald McDonald's Helicopter #1; Contains 18 pcs.; Converts to jet boat. View on Amazon
McDonald's - Madden 15 2014 Happy Meal Toys - Philadelphia Eagles/ Jacksonville Jaguars – Licensed by EA Sports Madden & the NFL; Sealed package comes with both the Eagles/Jags; Characters range from 2 3/4 to 3 1/2 inches tall.; Includes... View on Amazon
McDonald Happy meal Lego Sports #2, Soccer Player 2004 – Sealed in McDonald's Happy Meal/Lego branded packaging. View on Amazon
Happy Meal Toys McDonalds - 2008 Batman The Video Game #1 Batboat – In Original SEaled Bag. View on Amazon
2008 McDonald's Happy Meal Lego Batman The Videogame- Mr.Freeze w/ Ice Blast #4 – McDonald's Happy Meal Lego Batman; 3" Mr. Freeze w/ Ice Blast #4. View on Amazon
McDonald's 2008 Lego The Joker Helicopter Happy Meal Toy #2 – LEGO Batman Happy Meal Kid's Toy from McDonald's; The Joker helicopter toy is #2 in this 2008 series; For Ages 3 & Up. View on Amazon
LEGO McDonalds Happy Meal Toy Galidor #2 Jens – McDonalds Happy Meal Toy #2 Lego Jens from 2002.; Safety rated toy for children ages 3+.. View on Amazon
2008 McDonalds Happy Meal Toy Lego Bionicle Mistika #2 Toa Onua MIP – McDonalds Happy Meal Toy; 2008 edition; Lego Bionicle Mistika; #2 Toa Onua; Mint condition in sealed package.. View on Amazon