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Fun Stand-Alone LEGO Minifigures: Best of Series 13

Posted on 14 October 2019 in LEGO Minifigures

LEGO releases minifigures from time to time that aren't associated with a building kit. These can become sought-after collectibles depending on the demand and production run. Here are some fun limited minifigures from LEGO that came out in 2015 as part of Minifigure Series 13.

1LEGO Fencer Minifigure

This minifigure is dressed in a white fencer outfit and comes with a rapier and a mask.

2LEGO Hot Dog Man Minifigure

This funny minifigure is a man dressed up as a hot dog! Complete with a perfect portion of mustard.

3LEGO Egyptian Warrior Minifigure

This minifigure is a mummy-dressed Egyptian warrior complete with a bandage dressing, epic shield and sword, and iconic headpiece.

4LEGO Carpenter Minifigure

This minifig has a five-o'clock shadow and wears a blue shirt with work jeans. Accessories include a hard hat, piece of lumber, and a saw.

5LEGO Paleontologist Minifigure

This fun career minifigure comes dressed in a khaki outfit, ready for field work. She wears a safari hat and carries a bone and a fossil.

6Unicorn Girl LEGO Minifigure

This retired collectible minifigure is of a girl dressed up as a unicorn, complete with horned beast head cover.

7Classic King LEGO Minifigure

A king is dressed in his finest clothing, complete with red cape and golden crown. The bearded king also carries a sword.

8Snake Charmer LEGO Minifigure with Cobra

This cute minifigure is of a snake charmer dressed in white and green. He wears a white turban and comes with a flute and a green cobra snake.

9Serious Sheriff LEGO Minifigure

This old-school western sheriff figure comes with a cowboy hat and wears a brown vest and a holster. He carries a big gun and a wanted poster.