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10 Spooky Halloween LEGO Sets for Awesome Halloween Fun!

Posted on 6 October 2014 in LEGO Themes / Sets

If you're looking for some fun Halloween activities that don't involve asking strangers for sugary treats, what could be more fun than a themed LEGO set? Spooky LEGO Halloween sets would be great interactive party activities for any age group or crowd!

1LEGO Monster Fighters Haunted House Set

This amazing haunted house LEGO set has a whopping 2064 pieces. The scary Victorian style haunted house has details like folding staircase, potion room, and boarded windows. This set comes with a zombie chef and butler, plus vampire figures, and much more.

2LEGO Halloween Fun Accessory Set

Add some scary details to any Lego playset with this spooky Halloween accessory set. The package comes with 58 pieces and includes a zombie figure, a witch figure, and a ghost figure.

3LEGO Jack-o-lantern Building Set for Halloween

This spooky set includes 52 pieces to make your own LEGO Jack-o-lantern for Halloween!

4Ghost Train LEGO Monster Fighters Set

What could be more scary than a ghost train? This LEGO set would be great as a Halloween decoration. With 741 pieces, this playset includes a spooky ghost train with glow-in-the-dark pieces and an airplane for the hero ghost fighters!

5LEGO Winged Skeleton Minifigure

Assemble this spooky LEGO figure with or without wings, depending on your needs! Add a touch of Halloween fun to any LEGO playset!

6Vampyre Castle HUGE LEGO Set for Halloween Fun

This Monster Fighters LEGO set comes with 949 pieces to make an awesome Vampyre Castle with trapdoor, secret entrances, dungeon, and more. The set also comes with a net-launching car for the monster-fighting hero.

7Halloween LEGO Figure 3-Pack Playset

This Halloween LEGO set includes 71 pieces to make three great holiday figures: Ghost; Pumpkin; and Bat.

8LEGO Vampire Minifigure with Casket & Spider

This 11-piece set has everything you need to add some scary vampire fun to your LEGO collection. The figure comes with a locked, chained casket, and a decorative cardboard Halloween arch.

9Creepy Green Witch LEGO Playset for Halloween

This is a fun set to build for the holiday! Use the 71 pieces to make a scary green witch head, fun to play with or fun to display for Halloween!

10LEGO Monster Fighters Swamp Creature Playset

This set of 70 pieces has everything you need to create a Swamp Creature scene for Halloween!

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