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Every Brick Is Awesome Lego Gifts

Awesome LEGO Pajama Sets for Boys & Girls

Posted on 5 December 2014 in Girl's LEGO Apparel

Kids who love LEGO will love wearing these LEGO-designed pajama sets. New pajamas are a great holiday gift idea to complement all of those LEGO sets your LEGO fan will find under the tree!

Everything is Awesome LEGO Pajamas for Boys

This set includes a long-sleeve pajama top with the hero from The LEGO Movie, Emmet. Also featured is Good Cop. These two characters are in a repeating pattern on the matching pants in this pajama set.

LEGO Movie Pajamas for Girls: Princess Unikitty

When its time for bed, head to Cloud Cuckoo Land with this adorable Princess Unikitty pajama set. The set includes a two-sided short sleeve shirt with regular, happy Unikitty on the front, and Angry Kitty on the back. The set includes matching pink pajama pants.

Star Wars LEGO Short Pajama Set for Boys

This matching pajama set includes a t-shirt and shorts featuring images from the popular LEGO Star Wars series. The shirt has one large image with LEGO Darth Vader and LEGO heroes from the series; the shorts have a repeating pattern on a gray background.

LEGO Friends Powerful Together Pajama Set for Girls

This cute pajama set for girls has a camisole-style top and loose shorts. The light blue top has an image of the friends, while the black bottoms have a repeating pattern of LEGO pieces.

LEGO Ninjago Pajamas for Boys

This pajama set for boys includes a short sleeve shirt and long pajama pants. The set features the LEGO Ninjago characters Kai, Jay, Cole, Lloyd and Zane. The bottoms have an all over print on a red background.

Wyldstyle LEGO Movie Nightgown for Girls

This one-piece pajama outfit is a short-sleeve nightgown. The gown features a large print of the heroine from The LEGO Movie, Wyldstyle.

LEGO Batman Superhero Boys Pajamas

This pajama set comes with a top with a large image of LEGO Batman and Robin. The matching pants have an all-over repeating pattern print with the Batman logo and various action words like KRAK and BOOM.

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