Five Fun, Awesome LEGO T-Shirts for Boys

Kids who love playing and building with LEGO bricks will also love these fun officially-licensed LEGO branded t-shirts! LEGO shirts come in all kinds of colors, designs, and styles. Here's a list of five popular LEGO youth t-shirts.

1 Career Opportunities Green LEGO Minifigure T-Shirt

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This fun 100% cotton t-shirt in Kelly Green features 12 different LEGO minifigures. Each figure represents a different job or career, like a police officer, a train conductor, and a painter.

2 Fun Collegiate-style Dept of LEGO Minifigures Tee

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This LEGO top is designed in the style of a collegiate sports shirt. The logo uses bold text that reads "Dept. of LEGO Minifigures" with the slogan "Built to Last" and note "Since 1978".

3 Funny LEGO Minifigure Made of Bricks Boys' T-Shirt

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This unique LEGO t-shirt design features a large man minifigure with the torso and legs patterned with LEGO building bricks. The figure is set against a background of minifigures in action.

4 Cute Build With Bricks LEGO T-Shirt For Boys

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This LEGO shirt features red and yellow bricks put together to spell out BUILD WITH BRICKS in large bold letters.

5 LEGO Construction Worker Minifigure Boys' T-Shirt

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This black shirt for boys features a bold and colorful print of a LEGO construction worker minifigure. The worker is surrounded by colorful LEGO blocks.

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We are surprised to report that the best sellers on this site last year were overwhelmining wearables! T-Shirts featuring a variety of different prints make their way into our top list as shown below.