Awesome LEGO Pajama Sets for Boys & Girls

Kids who love LEGO will love wearing these LEGO-designed pajama sets. New pajamas are a great holiday gift idea to complement all of those LEGO sets your LEGO fan will find under the tree!

1 LEGO Movie 2 Everything is Awesomer Pajamas for Girls

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When its time for bed, put on this cute shorts & short-sleeved top matching pajama set. The top has the slogan "Everything Is Awesomer" along with images of four iconic characters from the popular sequel: Princess Unikitty; Sweet Mayhem; Ice Cream Cone; and Zen Bunny. The pjs are complete with the matching set of polka dot pink sleep shorts.

2 Star Wars LEGO Short Pajama Set for Boys

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This matching pajama set includes a t-shirt and shorts featuring images from the popular LEGO Star Wars series. The shirt has one large image with LEGO Darth Vader and LEGO heroes from the series; the shorts have a repeating pattern on a gray background.

3 LEGO Friends Powerful Together Pajama Set for Girls

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This cute pajama set for girls has a camisole-style top and loose shorts. The light blue top has an image of the friends, while the black bottoms have a repeating pattern of LEGO pieces.

4 LEGO Ninjago Pajamas for Boys

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This pajama gift set for boys includes a pair of short sleeve shirts and two mix-or-match long pajama pants. The set features the LEGO Ninjago characters Kai, Jay, Cole, Lloyd and Zane.

5 LEGO Batman Superhero Boys Pajamas

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This pajama set comes with a top with a large image of LEGO Batman and Robin and the Joker. The matching pants have an all-over repeating pattern print with Batman and the Joker and the action word BANG.

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