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Every Brick Is Awesome Lego Gifts

Five Fun, Awesome LEGO T-Shirts for Boys

Posted on 3 April 2017 in LEGO Apparel for Boys

Kids who love playing and building with LEGO bricks will also love these fun officially-licensed LEGO branded t-shirts! LEGO shirts come in all kinds of colors, designs, and styles. Here's a list of five popular LEGO youth t-shirts.

1Career Opportunities Green LEGO Minifigure T-Shirt

This fun 100% cotton t-shirt in Kelly Green features 12 different LEGO minifigures. Each figure represents a different job or career, like a police officer, a train conductor, and a painter.

2Fun Collegiate-style Dept of LEGO Minifigures Tee

This LEGO top is designed in the style of a collegiate sports shirt. The logo uses bold text that reads "Dept. of LEGO Minifigures" with the slogan "Built to Last" and note "Since 1978".

3Funny LEGO Minifigure Made of Bricks Boys' T-Shirt

This unique LEGO t-shirt design features a large man minifigure with the torso and legs patterned with LEGO building bricks. The figure is set against a background of minifigures in action.

4Cute Build With Bricks LEGO T-Shirt For Boys

This LEGO shirt features red and yellow bricks put together to spell out BUILD WITH BRICKS in large bold letters.

5LEGO Construction Worker Minifigure Boys' T-Shirt

This black shirt for boys features a bold and colorful print of a LEGO construction worker minifigure. The worker is surrounded by colorful LEGO blocks.

Santa's Workshop Expert LEGO Set

Posted on 28 November 2016 in LEGO Creator
This is a huge LEGO holiday set for expert builders. Have fun using this mega 883-piece set to build Santa's Workshop with plenty of awesome festive holiday details! More