2022 LEGO Advent Calendar Line-Up

Today is "Advent Calendar"< a commemorative holiday dreamed up by grocery chain Aldi to promote the release of their extremely popular advent calendars. Much of them revolve around consumables -- not just the traditional chocolate but also beer, wine, cheese, and more. This year they will also be offering a selection of LEGO advent calendars.

LEGO advent calendars are a popular and family-friendly way to count down to Christmas. LEGO advent calendars come in fun themed boxes that open up to reveal a "set", or display scene that is ideal for setting up your mini builds each day. 

LEGO advent calendars often include exclusive pieces or minifigures and are usually a great per-piece value, when purchased early at the suggested retail price!

Reminder: LEGO advent calendars are not tied to the year they are issued; the builds are mostly "evergreen", so older calendars can be given as gifts as well as the latest boxes. The boxes featured here are all new for 2021 but will make great gifts for fans in the years to come. Conversely, if you find a wanted title is sold out, you might be able to find a previous-year advent calendar for gifting -- though it might have the premium price you'd expect to find in a discontinued, collectible item.

Beware: if you are purchasing a LEGO advent calendar for yourself, online product pages often include SPOILERS that reveal the surprise toys within. Because of this, our post includes mild spoilers.

For 2022, LEGO is offering 5 advent calendars. See the line-up below.

2022 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

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Last year's Mandalorian-themed LEGO Star Wars advent calendar was a huge hit and sold out fast. This year it looks like we're back to a generic holiday theming, but this calendar is always popular so it's smart to purchase early. As always, you'll get a bunch of mini builds which are often Star Wars vehicles in micro form, along with mini-figures and droids.

Guardians of the Galaxy LEGO Advent Calendar

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Last year saw the first Marvel LEGO advent calendar hit the market, with a cool Avengers theme. This year, Guardians of the Galaxy is the theme. You'll get 6 minifigures among the daily builds in this 268-piece LEGO calendar set.

2022 Harry Potter LEGO Advent Calendar

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Popular franchise Harry Potter joins up with LEGO again this year for what is sure to be a sough-after set. The builds and minifgures in this set are designed to help builders create scenes from the Harry Potter movies (day 1-3 are from the first movie, 4-6 from the second movie, and so on). The set includes 7 total minifgures among its 334 total bricks.

LEGO City 2022 Advent Calendar

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LEGO City advent calendars are perfect for all LEGO fans -- the minifigures and mini-builds included can be used to enhance your LEGO collection, from the City series and others. You'll get six mini-figures recognizable from the LEGO City Adventures TV show in this 287-piece set.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2022

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This LEGO advent calendar is perfect for fans who love the LEGO Friends series. The fold-out background for this set is a cute outdoor holiday winter wonderland scene. You'll get 4 Friends dolls (the series version of minifigures) with this 312-piece set.

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