Bulk Lots of LEGO Pieces: Creative Madness!

Did you know that you can purchase huge lots of random used LEGO pieces from sellers on Amazon? Get the security of purchasing from a rated online seller and the value of purchasing a lot of clean used pieces. Here are some offerings we found recently.

Lego Bulk Box: - 5 lbs of Loose Lego Bricks and Parts – No Less than 5 lbs; Genuine Lego ONLY; Many different shapes and sizes; Several different colors. View on Amazon
Lego 4 Pounds Bulk Lot! Random Parts, Pieces & Bricks, 500 pcs – 4 pound box of legos; The picture is an example of what you may receive. About 40 pounds is shown in each tote in the image. View on Amazon
LEGO 2 Pound Bulk Lot! Technic Random Parts, Gears, Beams. 2 Pounds – These are Gently used cleaned Lego; All Technic Pieces; Variety Will look very similiar to photo; Check my other listings for larger lots; Clean Gently used... View on Amazon

Five Inspiring LEGO Books for LEGO Lovers

Have a lot of LEGO bricks and want some inspiration? These books all feature unique build ideas for making your own LEGO creations. Get inspired by the beautiful photography and new build ideas found in these LEGO books.

New 2021 LEGO Advent Calendars: 5 Titles!!

LEGO advent calendars are a fun and popular way to count down to Christmas. This year LEGO is offering 5 different brand new calendars. Find your favorite theme, or collect them all for maximum micro-building fun this December!  LEGO advent calendars come in fun boxes that open up to...

Awesome LEGO Avengers BrickHeadz Figures

BrickHeadz are fun LEGO builds featuring characters in bold and blocky simplistic style. Here some of the Avengers can be assembled in BrickHeadz style.

10 LEGO Advent Calendars

Countdown to Christmas with a fun LEGO advent calendar! These calendars come with toys and LEGO accessories which are revealed behind doors for each day of December counting down to Christmas. A LEGO advent calendar is a fun way to get ready for Christmas! LEGO advent...