Fun LEGO Stationery: Markers, Pencils, Journals, More

Did you know that you could bring the magic of LEGO with you to school, and I'm not talking about playing with bricks? The LEGO Stationery line includes writing implements, art supplies, and other school necessities. Here's a list of a few of our favorites.

1 6-Pack LEGO DOTS Marker Set

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This fun set of 6 colored markers will be a hit in art class! Each marker has eight studs on the end for fun creative building. Add minifigures from your own collection or use the included LEGO DOTS (40) pieces to make a fun artistic pattern on your markers. 

2 9-Pack LEGO Graphite Pencils with Toppers

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These regular graphite pencils come with two brick toppers for added LEGO fun. Each topper has four studs and can be moved from pencil to pencil. With this purchase you'll get nine LEGO-themed pencils plus two LEGO toppers.

3 12-Pack LEGO Colored Pencils With Toppers

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This fun LEGO set for creative fans includes 12 colored pencils and one topper for adding more LEGO fun. The four-stud brick can be removed or added to pencils as you see fit.

4 LEGO Stationery School Supply Organizer

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Keep your LEGO markers, pencils, and other supplies together in this fun organizer. The case is made of hard plastic to keep your stuff safe and secure.

5 LEGO Journal With White Brick Baseplate

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Write down ideas for your latest custom LEGO creation or keep school notes in fun brick style with this official LEGO journal.

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Have fun counting down the days until Christmas with these fun LEGO Advent Calendar with awesome LEGO gifts for each day from December 1st to 24th! These advent calendars are new for 2018; previous year LEGO Advent Calendars may still be available to purchase if another theme strikes your fancy.

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