LEGO Chess Sets

Build your own unique chess sets with these awesome LEGO builds. Choose from the classic chess game or themed sets with special playing pieces. These are fun gifts for fans of LEGO who like to play chess or are interested in learning how to play.

LEGO Iconic Classic Chess

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This is a fun set of 1450 LEGO pieces. Build your playing board and line up your minifigures for a game of chess. The board doubles as a storage box for the pieces, and the set also includes checkers tokens making this a 2-in-1 game box.

LEGO Pirates Chess Game

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Build the fun sea and sand themed playing board decorated with tropical plants and pirate flags. Line up the pirates versus the colonials for an epic chess battle. This is a 857 piece LEGO chess set.

LEGO Knights' Kingdom Chess Set

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Get this fun collectible LEGO chess set that comes in its own carrying case. The chess board is a flat black and white LEGO surface and the game pieces are two armies of LEGO minifigures. LEGO Knights' Kingdom Chess comes with 167 pieces.

Collectible LEGO Vikings Chess Set

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This is an awesome themed chess set from LEGO. This one comes in its own carrying case with a flat black and white game board. Play with two minifigure armies of vikings. This LEGO chess build includes 179 pieces.

LEGO Kingdoms Chess Set

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Build this fun themed collectible LEGO chess set complete with castle-themed chess board. Gameplay occurs inside the castle walls. You'll get two royal armies to battle in your epic game of chess. This is a 328-piece LEGO chess set.

Collectible LEGO Castle Chess

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Pick up this fun themed collectible chess set in the Castle line from LEGO. This kit comes with 285 pieces, a flat playing board, and a carrying case. With this chess game the Skeletons battle the Crown Knights.

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Fun LEGO Buildable Balancing Game

Banana Balance is a fun LEGO game of skill that involves bananas, leaves, and even a LEGO monkey! It's a fun balancing game for 2-4 players.

LEGO Creator Collectible Building Block Board Game

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LEGO Ludo Buildable Family Board Game

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