LEGO Ninjago Minifigure Costumes for Kids

Dressing up as characters from Ninjago is fun! These are perfect for Halloween as well as using creative imagination for playtime! These kid-sized costume sets have you covered -- literally! Find your favorite character, or get a few for playtime or a group costume idea. They're also perfect "uniforms" to wear while playing with Ninjago LEGO sets. Check out the different character styles.

Deluxe Kai Ninjago Kids Costume

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Look like the hero Kai with this awesome red minifigure costume. The outfit includes a minifig-style shirt and matching costume pants in red with printed details to look like the action hero character. You'll also get an awesome minifigure face mask, and minifig-style black gloves. Note that the shirt has printed details on the back and that the mask is not a full head covering.

Deluxe Lloyd from Ninjago Green Costume

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Dress like hero Lloyd with this green minifigure costume. Printed details feature on the front and back of the outfit. The costume comes with LEGO style character hands and a face mask (that does not cover the entire head, just the front of the face). 

Deluxe Ninjago Jay Kid's Halloween Costume

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This LEGO minifigure-inspired costume in blue is inspired by the Ninjago character ninja Jay. Get all the pieces needed for a complete costume with this purchase: minifig-style tunic top and pants; LEGO hand gloves; and a face mask.

LEGO Ninjago Cole Minifig Costume for Kids

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Dress like the Ninjago ninja hero Cole with this complete minifigure-inspired costume. You'll get LEGO style hand gloves, and minifigure-look pants with matching printed top. You'll also get a Cole mask to cover your face.

Ninjago Nya Minifigure Kid's LEGO Costume

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You can be the ninja of water this Halloween with this awesome LEGO character costume. Like the other Ninjago minifigure costumes featured in this post, the costume includes a printed tunic top, matching pants, a character face mask, and a pair of LEGO minifigure hand gloves.

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