NEW LIST for 2023: 6 Awesome 1000+ Piece LEGO Sets for Adults

It's always fun to play with LEGO, no matter your age! From DUPLO for the tiniest hands, to expert 1000+ piece sets intended for builders 18+, there's something for everyone! Building things with the famous bricks can be both relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

The six awesome advanced LEGO sets featured below are perfect for adult enthusiasts. The sets are all 1000 pieces or more and are perfect for more expert builders. This list is intended as a follow-up to an earlier post, 10 Awesome 1000-Piece+ LEGO Sets for Adults that was first compiled in 2014 and includes popular sets now available at "collectible" pricing.

At the time of publishing, all of the featured sets below are in stock and available at their original retail price. As LEGO sets often become more popular as time goes by, the pricing on these probably won't get any better than this! So if you see a set you like, act fast to purchase at the best price and before these sets become "collectible" themselves!

LEGO Icons Jazz Club Building Set

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Put together two fantastic City style buildings with this awesome 2899-piece set. The LEGO Jazz Club includes a three story main building with a two-story neighbor pizza cafe next door. The buildings have fantastic details like a 45-degree door on the jazz club, with marquee signage and neon-look vertical sign. The set includes 8 minifigures to make up the band and cafe personnel. A rooftop garden, tailor's shop, band stage and more this detailed set a joy to play with and display. Make it part of your City collection today, or get started with this fascinating series!

Great Pyramid of Giza LEGO Set

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This awesome Great Pyramid LEGO set is 1476 pieces. You'll have a fun display piece once complete, but it's more than that. Lift off the smooth white outer pyramid shape to reveal pyramid secrets underneath, including building apparatus and tunnels and chambers. The scene includes the Nile river below, with Egyptian boats (feluccas) on the translucent blue water.

LEGO Mighty Bowser Super Mario Brothers Villain Character Build

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Relive your childhood when you build this massive Mighty Bowser LEGO set! The classic foe from Super Mario Brothers is made using 2807 pieces to create a dynamic display piece for Mario fans. Bowser is completely posable figure once complete, with moving head, jaws, arms, legs, hands, and tail. Bowser comes with a fantastic looking buildable display stand flanked by flaming towers.

LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty Build

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Build an American icon with this fun 1685-piece Statue of Liberty LEGO set. The iconic statue in sand green stands upon a faithful copy of her New York harbor pedestal of beige bricks. You can add lights to this build with a third party lighting set to make this build even more exciting to display: LED Lighting Kit for LEGO Statue of Liberty.

LEGO Ideas A-Frame Woodsy Cabin

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Put together your own cabin in the woods with this great LEGO A-Frame build that has 2082 pieces. The set includes buildable trees to set the scene, and four outdoorsy minifigures with accessories like a canoe, backpack, binoculars, water bottle, map, lantern, and more! Other details include animal friends and plants, and firewood storage. The cabin itself has amazing interior details too, including upstairs loft, work station, and kitchenette.

Retro Space LEGO Set: Galaxy Explorer

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This 1254-piece LEGO set is part of a series that celebrates 90 years of LEGO. The Galaxy Explorer LEGO design is inspired by 1970s space exploration builds. The up-scaled set is a tribute to a LEGO original, Classic 497 Galaxy set. This new for 2022 space ship build includes four astronaut minifigures, a buildable rover vehicle, and other details like sleeping quarters in the ship, a sliding interior door, retractable ramp, and more!

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