Fun Novelty LEGO-Themed Adult T-Shirts

Looking for a gift for the LEGO lover that seems to have it all? How about a unique LEGO-themed t-shirt like the ones listed here? These are fun designs created for the adult LEGO fan. Here are some of our favorites.

1 LEGO Blueprint Adult T-Shirt

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This fun t-shirt deconstructs a LEGO brick down to its measurements in a line drawing style. The images are attributed to LEGO managing director Godtfred Kirk Christiansen.

2 Funny LEGO Minifgures Expressions "Today I Feel" T-Shirt

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Nine different minifgure heads with various expressions make up the bulk of this funny LEGO lover t-shirt design. From confident to awesome and all kinds of expressions in between, this is a great one for any AFOL.

3 I Click Bricks Funny LEGO Fan T-Shirt

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This cute LEGO fan design reads I CLICK BRICKS in large all capital blue text. The accompanying design is a blank LEGO slate with a colorful LEGO brick border.

4 LEGO Batman Character T-Shirt

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This t-shirt features LEGO Batman and a cast of other characters from Gotham, including the Joker, the Penguin, and Two-Face.

5 Fun Iconic Lego Big Head Red T-Shirt

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Show off your love of LEGO with this funny shirt that simply features an illustration of a LEGO minifigure head.

6 Everything Is Awesome LEGO Slogan T-Shirt

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The super positive slogan from the first LEGO movie is featured here in colorful bricks. Everything is awesome pops on a black shirt as shown here! It also works against white, and all kinds of colors in between, which are options for the discerning LEGO t-shirt shopper.

7 LEGO Evolution Master Builder Building Blocks T-Shirt

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This unofficial shirt shows the evolution of making a LEGO style minifigure, from feet to torso to head. It's a fun brick-fan design inspired by the famous evolution trope of man evolving from apes.

8 LEGO Trump Wall Adult T-Shirt

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This funny political t-shirt design features a LEGO style Trump minifigure building a colorful wall of LEGO bricks. The great thing about this is the complexion matches true life very closely.

9 Watch Your Step Funny LEGO Brick T-Shirt

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If you've got a LEGO enthusiast in your home, you know this motto well. It's no fun to step on a LEGO brick. You've gotta watch your step!

10 LEGO Star Wars Mashup Men's T-Shirt

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This funny pop culture shirt is a mashup of LEGO and the Dark Side of Star Wars. Darth Vader, a Jawa, and Stormtroopers as LEGO minifigures are featured in this graphic design.

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