Prime Day LEGO Buidling Set Deals!!

There are some really popular LEGO sets on sale for Prime Day this year! Pick up these awesome sets that rarely go below retail while you can! As a reminder, Prime Days are July 11 - July 12. Know that Amazon prices can change at any time; prices listed here reflect deals at time of publishing!

LEGO Friends Horse Show Trailer

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This LEGO set is part of the LEGO Friends series, which has different styled minifigures that are more realistic; the line was originally aimed at young girls and the sets are based around a group of (mostly) female friends.

This is a big 989 piece set to make a really fun build -- a jeep style vehicle towing a horse trailer! The set includes two horse figures, and three friends minifigures (Savannah, Emma, and Elijah). You'll get other accessories like horse jumps, riding helmets, and other riding accessories. This awesome set originally retailed for $99.99, and is going for $69.99 for Prime Day.

Boba Fett's Throne Room LEGO Star Wars Set

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Put together an iconic set piece from the Book of Boba Fett Disney+ series with this 732-piece LEGO set. The set includes figures of Boba Fett, Fennec Shand, Bib Fortuna, one Theelin Dancer, a Weequay Guard, a Gamorrean Guard and a Quarren figure. The set also has fun details of the original Jabba palace like a pop-up to eject Bib Fortuna from the throne, shaking steps, a secret weapon chamber, and more! This set's original retail price is $99.99. It's marked down to $66.50 for Prime Day!

DUPLO Classic Creative Building Bricks

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This is a great set to supplement or start a DUPLO building brick collection -- it's a set of 120 DUPLO pieces! The set includes easy builds using the larger size DUPLO bricks that makes it perfect for younger builders. Kids can make little animal figures, simple shapes like hearts and plants, a rocket, and more. Since these bricks are compatible with all DUPLO sets, creativity can go wild by adding these bricks to other sets to enhance play! This set originally retails for $44.99 and would be a great gift idea to bundle with the play table featured later in this LEGO Prime Day list of deals. For Prime Day this set is selling for $31.49.

Mandalorian's Razor Crest Ship LEGO Build

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Add the iconic Razor Quest ship, the Mandalorian's original vehicle of choice, to your LEGO Star Wars collection this Prime Day. This awesome build based on the iconic ship was originally released in September 2020, and became a fan favorite. It's usual retail cost is $139.99. It's down to $97.99 for Prime Day.

The Razor Quest LEGO build is a 1023-piece Star Wars set featuring the vehicle full of unique details. Add two figures to the cockpit, fire the action shooters, and keep track of your bounty inventory in the cargo hold, complete with carbonite-frozen successes. 

This cool LEGO Mandalorian set includes four minifigures. You'll get title character Mando, a Scout Trooper, and agent Greef Karga. The fourth minifigure is of The Child (Baby Yoda).

DUPLO-Compatible Toddler Play Table

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This is not an official LEGO product. This is a little play table made for young children; the play surface can be flipped so that one side has studs compatible with LEGO DUPLO; the other surface is smooth. The table includes storage containers and stands on four legs for stability. This little table has retailed for around $30 in the past. The Prime Day deal is $23.39.

LEGO Thanksgiving Building Sets

Happy Thanksgiving! Now you can celebrate Thanksgiving every day of the year with these cute seasonal LEGO building sets of pilgrims, turkeys and Thanksgiving feasts.

NEW Razor Crest Star Wars Mandalorian MEGA Ship Build!

A brand new mega build of the Razor Crest ship from the Mandalorian is available now on for VIP members, and will be available to non-members soon. The huge build is a magnificent display ship made of 6187 LEGO pieces. A previous LEGO Mandalorian build of the...

Top Six 2018 LEGO Best-Sellers

We are surprised to report that the best sellers on this site last year were overwhelmining wearables! T-Shirts featuring a variety of different prints make their way into our top list as shown below.

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Dog Show

This awesome collectible LEGO Friends set is a part of the Heartlake City theme and features animal-lover Mia as the main mini-figure. This Dog Show building set also includes two puppies: Scarlett and Jacky.